How To Clean Your Carpet Without Vacuum?

If you have carpeted floors, regular cleaning is the way to maintain the freshness of the carpet. But for cleaning, do you always need a vacuum cleaner? Or think it another way, what if your vacuum cleaner breaks down or you have an old model that does not has enough suction power. So, in such a scenario, you must know about cleaning the carpet without vacuum cleaners. Professionals at Carpet Cleaning Fremantle suggest that a vacuum is not the only way to clean and maintain your carpet. So, what are other ways to clean them; don’t worry, we will detail it here?

How Can Homeowners Clean Carpet If They Don’t Have A Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning Surface Debris-

Handpick Way:

To clean the debris, you can collect the large pieces and put them in the trash can.

Dustpan And Broom:

Take the help of a dustpan and broom. Sweep in one direction and collect the dust particle on the dustpan. Additionally, you can also use a carpet sweeper to remove the dust particles. This sweeper is specially designed to sweep dust on carpet and rugs.

Packaging Tape:

If hair, pet fur is stuck on the surface of the carpet, you can use tape to remove it:

  1. Stick the tape and press it strongly on the surface.
  2. Pull it, and you can see it has a collection of hair and dust particles stick into it.
  3. Repeat the process if the tape is full and debris is still there.
  4. Brush the remaining dirt off the carpet.

Alternatively, you can purchase lint rollers because packaging tape is a time-consuming task. Lint rollers clean hairs from the carpet without vacuum.

Washing The Carpet-

Steam Mopping:

One of the alternate options to keep the carpet in good condition is steam mopping. It deep cleans a carpet as well as kills dust mites, allergens effectively. However, please be careful while using a mop as the direct contact of high-temperature damages the carpet. Instead, attach a plastic device, i.e. carpet glider, on the mop head to reduce a threat of heat.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Of course, there are several DIY methods to wash dirty carpets. But why don’t you hire a professional carpet cleaner? There are innumerable benefits of hiring them, and also, you will save your carpet from the risk of experimental cleaning.


Treating spills and spots right away is the best way to keep the carpet clean. Though cleaning a carpet without a vacuum cleaner is not a difficult task. So, we hope you find it helpful to clean carpet without a vacuum and keep it bright for a long time with a professional hand.